Some of the reasons for choosing Uruguay are :

Quality of life :

Quality of life in Uruguay is high as it is a peaceful and quiet country, with a long coastline, large areas of countryside and permanent harmony with nature.

Urban safety :

Uruguay is a safe and pleasant country to live in. Even though being cautious is always recommended, Uruguay’s typical calm and peace make it one of the safest places in the region.

Political stability :

Uruguay is a politically stable country, with deep democratic conviction and a high level of social development.

Low cost of living compared to Europe’s :

The cost of living in Uruguay is lower than in Europe and as a result, you will be able to enjoy better quality of life with your present income or your retirement pension.

Adequate means of transport :

Uruguay is directly connected with the countries in the region as well as with Europe and the United States by means of its excellent transport system.

Excellent sanitary conditions and health care system :

Uruguay’s sanitary conditions are remarkable. There are no epidemics, there is no pollution and the quality of the water is unbeatable. Additionally, its outstanding health care system is affordable for foreigners and meets the highest international standards.

The climate :

Uruguay has a temperate and pleasant climate with very distinctive seasons. The air is fresh and winds are light. The country is composed of plains and it has never experienced any natural disaster.