The Areas :

There are excellent areas to build or buy property, by the sea, in the countryside, on a river, in the hills or in the city.

Architecture and Teams :

In Uruguay there is a great variety of architectural styles and designs, according to the different areas and to the owners’ preferences and tastes.

Architecture is a university degree and the School of Architecture is renowned both at national and international level which guarantees the quality of the services provided by the studios and the professionals in this field. They are highly qualified and meet the most rigorous international quality standards.

Workforce and materials :

Uruguay has a highly skilled workforce and cutting edge materials are used in the building process, whether the work is delivered with or without finishings.

Works delivery deadlines :

The delivery deadlines shall always depend on each project. We know from experience that a proper general coordination and permanent supervision of the building projects guarantee that the deadlines originally set are always met .

Advantages of building in Uruguay :

By having your house built, you will be able to plan and design it according to your needs and preferences. You will also be able to choose the materials and the type of construction from the very beginning of the project.

It might be thought that the price per built m2 in Uruguay is a little higher than in the rest of the region, particularly in Montevideo, Punta del Este or nearby areas. However, the price of plots and the price per built m2 are still dramatically lower than prices in Europe.

Another unique advantage that Uruguay offers is the great variety of large pieces of land and plots which are still available both on the coast and in the countryside. What is more, there is land which combines the beauty of the countryside and the proximity – only a few minutes away - to the sandy coast on the Atlantic Ocean.

It should be born in mind that building shall imply compliance with legal requirements such as workers’social security contributions and a number of proceedings to be carried out before the corresponding City Hall. As regards building projects, firstly, plans must be submitted for the municipality’s approval and the final acceptance certificate must be requested upon the end of works. We shall always provide professional assistance for these proceedings.

Advantages of buying property in Uruguay :

The difference between buying a newly built property and having it built for you consists mainly in the time and occasionally in the money you save, as the offer of finished apartments and houses of very good quality at convenient locations is large.

Saving time means that if you decide to buy a house you shall not need to look for a plot, have plans drawn, choose materials or deal with all the building process.

Saving money means that sometimes, if we add to all those advantages the fact that the property is ready for occupation, the purchase conditions become very favorable.

Advantages of buying fixer-upper property :

Another option is the purchase of fixer-upper property. Excellent and roomy houses and apartments can be purchased at very convenient prices. Even if they are later entirely fixed up, their cost/benefit relation per square meter shall still be fair.

In general, properties built many decades ago require complete fix-up, which once finished, restores the property’s resale value to an excellent level.

Whatever you choose, our team is committed to assisting you throughout the process. Our vast experience and deep knowledge of the Uruguayan market are at your disposal.